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i love how some of the people that ship sterek can’t ship larrish because of “age difference”

I’m a sterek fan and I would for sure approve this ship. Mostly because I could totally see it happening. There’s this whole stigma on age differences. But for me it depends on how far apart you are in age and what point you are both at in your lives. Then of course you throw in the fact that its a tv show and there’s a whole bunch of supernatural shit going on and you have to reevaluate the whole scale.

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I was browsing through Ao3 today.
Never in my life have I laughed this hard.

Omg no, just no.
But really…

Don’t you just love people who think they have the right to tell you what and what not to post on your blog? It makes for a good laugh. I’ll post whatever I want about Teen Wolf. Same goes for any other fandom out there. Whether it be praise, critique, gifs, or fanfiction. People really need to stop trying to dictate other people’s blogs and worry about their own. Because if you think its gonna make me change what I write, you are greatly mistaken.

Anonymous said: dam honestly i hate seeing posts talking about how teen wolf got worse. stfu its a dam tv show and jeff davis is good at what he does. so please, if you diss him ir the show you dissin a whole lot of us who love it. and it hurts, really

Okay, you’re either a troll or didn’t read the end of my post. Or maybe you just didn’t care? I don’t know which. But I specifically said that it was an opinion piece. That I didn’t mean to attack anyone. Even though I used some adult language I wasn’t yelling in my tone. I also said I still like Teen Wolf. Just not as much as I used to. Because it has gone downhill, again in my OPINION, after season 2. I still watch it. Also, you are the one being hurtfull by telling people to stfu. Really? Are we that immature? And you can’t even stand by what you write so you had to send it as anon. Lame. Also, its my blog. I can and will post whatever I want or feel like. Teen Wolf is a tv show. Entertainment. A form of art. I can critique it as such. Every show and every art deserves criticism as much as praise. Because art can never be perfected. So, to wrap up: You’re immature. I can write whatever I want. You are not the victim you pretend to be, as proven by your rudeness. You don’t stand by what you preach as shown by anon status. And art is made to be critiqued and praised. If you hadn’t been so rude and weren’t posting as anon I would have politely debated with you. However, no such luck. Good day, sir.

I see a lot of people saying the reason people have stopped watching Teen Wolf is because their ship isn’t happening. While that might be true for some, it is not true for all. There are many things that are wrong with the writing that are starting to turn me off to it. Malia, for one. She was shifted since she was in, what, first grade? How the fuck is she in high school? Just, no. Fuck no. That makes no sense. They wouldn’t allow her to be. It is not possible. Even if it was, there’d be no way she’d be able to get through it as she wouldn’t have the knowledge. Plus, all the supernatural shit she has to deal with? Again, ffucking impossible. But I’d like to put more emphasis on the fact that they just wouldn’t let a person who has missed so many years of education skip on ahead to high school. Second thing that is wrong with her. She moved up to a main character slot when she had only been in a few episodes. Isaac has been a main, at least in my eyes, but was never put in the intro. He is no longer in the series because the actor wished to leave. Gee, wonder why? Better to be open for pilot season than to be ignored and not moved up to main cast. I know, I know. Malia was moved up because they needed more main characters because of those that had left. However, instead of moving someone else up like Danny (FINALLY) we get some random character that just ffeels forced because she doesn’t feel that relavant to the plot. Its more than just Malia though. Instead of moving characters (like Danny) to main character status that we have already gotten to know a bit they just keep adding new ones (AKA Malia, Ethan, Aiden, etc). I know not all new chars that were added were main, but they were still pushed to the front more than Danny, even tho fans obviously wanted more of him. It feels as though they aren’t fleshing out their characters, old or new, because of how many new characters they add. There is some development, yes. But something just seems lacking in that department. Another thing is that sometimes things just don’t make sense. Making it so that Danny knew about werewolves. Why? If he’s not a main it seems pointless. It just seemed used as a cheap joke that its Beacon Hills and strange things happen so he figured it out. They still haven’t addressed it. If it was any other character they would’ve by now. Yet, they do seem to let things drop. Paige anyone? Stiles seemed pretty set on asking Derek his version of the story, but it was dropped and never explained. Why? Another thing that doesn’t make sense? Duecalion. Duecalion is a fucking villian. Yet for some reason, even after all the people he murdered, he comes out being spared? What? It felt weird. “We’re gonna let you go. Hopfully you’ll be a good boy now.” Gag me! Then there are times when things just aren’t explained. Take season 3 for example. The kitsune. Her tails. They were never really explained. If they were, I don’t remember it. It seemed waaaaay too rushed at parts. Lastly, too much pain without any healing time. They make all these dramatic events happen and do a time jump always so they don’t have to deal with the drama and grieving periodes. News flash! Those can be some of the best episodes. Like with buffy and her mom when she died on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Or how Piper and Pheobe dealt with Prue’s death on Charmed. Okay, I know Charmed had its own issues, but it got better about it as it went on as where Teen Wolf seems to be gettng worse. Also, Derek’s pain. There is too much. First his house gets burned down with his family being burned alive. Beautifully tragic backstory. But then they make him have to kill his first love paige. Then he likes another woman who deceives him, Jenniffer. Its tooooo much. Its like they want Derek to be a walking shell of pain, regret, and guilt that never gets a moment to deal with anything. Anyhow, I could. Go on and on. But I am typing on a nook and it is very annoying so I’m gonna end my rant. P.s. this is just an opinion piece. Obviously people have different views. If you like Teen Wolf, good for you :) Continue to watch it. I know people have different tastes. So don’t spam me with anon hate about how I’m saying you like crappy tv shows. I still like Teen Wolf. Its just become more of a, “Oh its on. I geuss I’ll watch it,” than a, “Oh my god its on I must see it!” As it used to be.

oh guess stalia won’t bring high ratings to the yard oops


ratings dropped even more…

4x01 - 2.184 [x]
4x02 -1.558 [x]
4x03 - 1.554 [x]


 So basically all I got from those Tvline spoliers was: Sterek’s not gonna happen. But keep watching, cause our rating suck balls and they might be in the same room at some point!

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